Mar 22 Release (V47)

Announcing Google Sheets – Mar 22 Release (V47)

Valorx is back with another updated version for our Google Sheets with much more enhanced user interface to make it easy for our users.

In this release we have changed the broad OAuth scopes to the possible least permissive scopes to improve the security and user privacy when users install the Valorx for Salesforce to access the runtime apps in Google Sheets.

Below is the image of previous OAuth consent screen.

Below is the image of our new OAuth consent screen.

  • Reduced drive scope by using drive.file instead of drive.

  • Reduced spreadsheet scope by using spreadsheets.currentonly instead of spreasheet.

  • Removed "Connect to an external service" scope by rearchitecting the Salesforce OAuth flow to make network calls using JavaScript instead of using Google Apps Script on Google's servers.

  • In V47 we have changed the color for our Valorx icon to match our Logo.

Bug Fixes

  • In the Apps list, "New Copy" option will now open the new copy of the app without asking for the confirmation.

  • Google Sheet apps were not opening due to more number of picklist values which is now fixed.

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