Oct 22 Release (V50)

Announcing Google Sheets – Oct 22 Release (V50)

Valorx is back with another updated version of our Google Sheets with a much more enhanced user interface to make it easy for our users.

Performance Enhancement

  • Improved Form map and Grid Map rendering

In this release, we have tried to fix a few issues which our users faced.

Bug Fixes

  • Save Summary popup is not displaying data when a user tries to add a row using “Cell Reference” or “Name Ranged Reference”.

  • Message prompt for delete confirmation shows different record counts when some columns are hidden.

  • “Success” message is not showing under Transaction Status after updating the related field of the object.

  • Lookup name fields were not identified as changed data points while saving.

  • Group name is displaying on App Menu even though the “Default Visibility” flag is Off for all the ribbon buttons of that specific group.

  • Workflow fails to execute in some cases when a user does not have field level permission to a field used in it.

  • Login issue was identified for one of the users.

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