Feb 23 Release (V52)

Announcing Google Sheets – Feb 23 Release (V52)

Valorx is back with another updated version of our Google Sheets with a much more enhanced user interface to make it easy for our users.

In this release, we have introduced a new feature "Hot Upgrade", which will allow the Google Sheets runtime users to upgrade their grid maps without opening a new runtime file.

Hot Upgrade has a few Design Studio Scenarios and Additional Considerations. In Design Studio, users need to turn on the "Enable Hot Upgrade" under App Performance in Settings.

Runtime users will receive an App Modified message when there are any changes made in the App and users need to click on “Yes”. It will show all the changes made in the grid maps in the runtime files.

The App Menu will open directly when there are no changes made to the App.


Confirmation Message on Google Drive: We have improved the theme of the confirmation dialog shown when the app already exists in Google Drive.

Open Sidebar: The Spreadsheet now includes an "Open Sidebar" button, allowing users to open the sidebar directly by clicking on it rather than going through Extensions -> Valorx for Salesforce. To see the "Open Sidebar" button on the Spreadsheet, users must first open Valorx Add-on via the regular Extension menu.

Notification Task: The notification task under Workflow and UX has been enhanced which will allow the Design Studio users to provide input which will display the results in a Runtime Excel sheet based on the pre-defined name range or cell location inputs provided.

  • Open a workflow from Workflow and UX in Design Studio.

  • Check-in “Configure Data Capture” and open it by clicking on “Configure Data Capture”.

  • Notification window will open now click Add User Input.

  • Click Save.

  • Click Preview and provide the inputs and click Ok.

  • Run the app to display the results as per the inputs provided.

Notification message has been enhanced when “Configure Data Capture” is unchecked.

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