Dec 21 Release (V17)

Announcing Mac – Dec 21 Release (V17)

Valorx is back with another updated version for our Mac with much more enhanced user interface to make it easy for our users.

In this release we have tried to fix few issues which our users faced.

Bug Fixes

  • "Like" and "IN" operators are not working properly for Decision Activity task in Runtime.

  • Ribbon Button is not showing when user configured "Between" operator of Field Value rule is now fixed.

  • Refresh Ribbon task is not working properly at button level when configured.

  • Ribbon button gets disabled and not functioning when user executes 2nd macro task of the Workflow in Runtime.

  • .xlsb format apps are not supported by Mac in Runtime Mode. This is fixed with a proper message "Unsupported Runtime file format ('xlsb'). Current runtime version supports (either xlsx or xlsm) Excel workbook formats".

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