Oct 22 Release (V21)

Announcing Mac – Oct 22 Release (V21)

Valorx is back with another updated version for our Mac.

In this release, we have tried to fix a few issues that affected our users.

Bug Fixes

  • Lookup name fields were not identified as changed data points while saving.

  • All the records got picked up for delete operation in "Delete Row Task" when "Apply delete operation to selected records(s) only" option is checked.

  • Workflow fails to execute in some cases when a user does not have field level permission to a field used in it.

  • Added support for User Selection (Compact) Query Task.

  • 'Success' message is not showing under Transaction Status after updating the related field of the object.

  • The query task fails to execute when one of the filters is configured using the "Named Range" filter type with more than 200 values.

  • Worksheet focus switches after the execution of the Macro Task.

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