Mar 23 Release (V24)

Announcing Mac – Mar 23 Release (V24)

Valorx is pleased to announce another enhanced version of our Mac for the month of March 2023 which features a significantly improved user interface. This enhancement has been implemented with the intention of facilitating the user experience.

In this release, we have made an enhancement to our Workflow and UX for a better experience and fixed an issue that our customer faced.


The notification task under Workflow and UX has been enhanced which will allow the Design Studio users to provide input which will display the results in a Runtime Excel sheet based on the pre-defined name range or cell location inputs provided.

  • Open a workflow from Workflow and UX in Design Studio.

  • Check-in “Configure Data Capture” and open it by clicking on “Configure Data Capture”.

  • Notification window will open now click Add User Input.

  • Click Save.

  • Click Preview and provide the inputs and click Ok.

  • Run the app to display the results as per the inputs provided.

Notification message has been enhanced when “Configure Data Capture” is unchecked.

Bug Fixes

  • User faced an issue while using Search and Select in the Old Safari browser.

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