Jul 23 Release (V26)

Announcing Mac – Jul 23 Release (V26)

Valorx is back with another version of our Mac for the month of July 2023 which features a significantly improved user interface.

In this release, our dedicated team worked diligently and made an enhancement to our User Selection screen and also addressed various issues. By addressing these concerns, we aim to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable user experience for all.


Improved Sorting Functionality for Mac: We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our user selection screen, specifically targeting the sorting functionality for Mac users. Previously, users faced a limitation that prevented them from sorting data types on the user selection screen. However, with our latest update, Mac users can now effortlessly sort data types directly on the user selection screen.

This improvement brings about a more efficient and streamlined user experience, enabling better organization and analysis of data. Whether you need to sort numeric values, dates, or any other data types, you can now easily accomplish it on your Mac device. We have made improvements to the sorting functionality for all data types, with the exception of the Text Area.

Bug Fixes:

  • The issue that was fixed relates to the rendering of the "IN" operator pop-up in the Compact User selection query. Previously, when the pop-up appeared, it would cut off the text, making it difficult for users to view the complete information.

  • Performance improvement for the document upload feature on our Mac platform to ensure a smoother and more efficient experience for our users.

  • Fixed an issue that pertains to the visibility settings of Valorx buttons/groups within the Ribbon Task. When the Valorx sidebar is closed and reopened, the visibility settings for the buttons/groups revert to their default state instead of retaining the previously set visibility.

  • We have fixed the synchronization issue for Lookup which was not getting updated in the App from Salesforce during Data Model Sync which affected the Runtime environment, and it caused the query to fail.

  • Previously, there was a Refresh Ribbon issue where the 'Show' buttons were not appearing in certain cases after executing the workflow on Runtime. However, this issue has now been resolved.

  • Successfully our team has resolved an issue where the visibility settings of Valorx Buttons/Groups, set using Ribbon Task, would reset to their default visibility after closing and reopening the Valorx sidebar. Now, when the Valorx sidebar is closed and reopened, the visibility settings of the Buttons/Groups set using Ribbon Task are retained as intended.

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