Dec 23 Release (V31)

đŸ“ĸ Announcing the December Release

This release introduces API Task support for our Mac users and includes a minor bug fix.

✨ What's New?

API Task

The Valorx Fusion for Mac now supports using the awaited API Task within an App in its Runtime environment.

Please note:

Users are initially required to configure the API Task using the Fusion Design Studio in Windows, for executing it on Mac.

  • Configuring an API Task

The API Task (Application Program Interface) allows any Fusion App to call Salesforce Webservices. Salesforce allows creating API using external platforms. Designers can create an Apex Class in Salesforce by logging into their Environment or they can even use the existing or predefined API enabled classes.

Once an Apex Class is created, the user can create an API Task within any Fusion App using Tasks inside Design Studio in Windows.

Users can then effortlessly execute any such App containing an API Task in Fusion for Mac 🌠.

🔧 Bug Fixed

  • The Filter function in the column headers now appears and works accurately.

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