Apr 21 Release (V11)

includes Valorx Clients (Windows, Mac and Sheets)

Announcing Valorx Fusion – Apr 21 Release (V11)

We are back with another product release and first release of 2021 – Design Studio, all 3 Runtimes (Windows, Mac, and Sheets).

Valorx Fusion V11 is feature packed-release with a host of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release is another major release where we talk about many latest additions like Preview for Grid Maps and Lookup, Right Click Menu, Launch CRM Task, Refresh Map Task, one stop User and License Management built inside the design studio, Large dataset support for Query Task, Paste Options, and many more enhancements.

New in this release

We launched user selection preview in the last release. In this release we are adding extending the preview capabilities to a bunch of areas in design studio like grid maps, lookup and notification screens.

Grid Map Preview

Users can preview the grids with real Salesforce data while configuring the Grid Map in the Design Studio. User can select different preconfigured is given a dropdown to select the existing query tasks.

Enhanced Configured Lookup

Preview This feature is similar to Query and Grid Map preview functionality. User can preview how the lookup screens will be rendered at runtime including filters, columns, sorting and filtering behavior.

Recap: Against each lookup name filed, one can click on the gear icon to configure the lookup options screen. This is where you will find the preview button.

In this new dialog, the User will see the preview for that lookup. It is similar to user selection query preview. Just configure the display, search fields & filters, and hit preview. And there you are.

Disable Lookup Allows a design studio user to restrict the lookup screen for the end users for any lookup field. This can come handy when lookup values are set in Salesforce and should not be allowed in Valorx.

Remember Filters We had introduced “Remember Filters” for user selection. This feature is now extended to lookup screens as well now.

User and License Management

Now the system administrator can manage Valorx user license, and permissions right from the start screen.

Editing or removing Valorx User Access, User License, and Permission sets can be directly assigned from the screen. The system admin can add multiple users at the same time.

Launch CRM Task

Launch CRM Task launches your record in the Salesforce by opening your default browser. It can be configured using two task types. Task type “User Focus” launches Salesforce record in the browser, based on the User’s focus on a grid of records. Task type “Custom” launches the Salesforce record in the browser, based on the custom configuration of Form Maps, Cell Reference, and Named Range Reference.

On top of it, designer can always decide to choose between Standard and Custom URL configurations to launch the record.

Refresh Map Task

We are introducing a new “Refresh Map Task” where Designers can choose to reload specific fields or the entire Map. Often, a business user would require reloading some of the Map’s fields after a set of operations, formula fields in particular. Refresh Map Task allows you to achieve the same. A designer can choose between “Refresh all formula field”, “Refresh entire map,” or custom set of selected fields.

In Design Studio, when the designer will select the Map, they can see all the fields of that Map based on the selection. All the formula and ID fields will be selected by default automatically, but Display and Save fields will be enabled for selection, while other fields will be disabled.

Right Click Menu for Design Studio

You can get to the map and workflow editor from the right click menu on the excel sheet in the latest version. It is easier and convenient to manage your maps and workflows directly from the excel sheets. Also, introduced product level setting “Disable Valorx menu on right-click” to turn On/Off the Valorx options from the right-click menu.

Note: The right-clicks are not triggered from Keyboards.

Query Task Enhancements

Query tasks is foundation of how Valorx is able to bring down records within seconds and we keep enhancing this task to make it highly versatile.

  • Enhanced query engine now support large datasets with different filter combinations. Large dataset support removes earlier restriction on query length to be below 100,000 characters.

  • User selection query filter and static filters now support adding blank values for picklist fields.

  • User selection query now have a brand new “Sort By” configuration available.

  • User selection query window now shows the total number of matching records at the bottom of the screen

Runtime Toolbox Enhancement : Paste options

We are introducing 2 different paste options for the end users. Paste and Paste Values will be available under insert rows in the Toolbox. Users can now copy data from another workbook, an email or any other application, select the Valorx grid and use this Paste function. We will now automatically count the records, insert rows and paste the values in the inserted rows.

Clicking on “Paste” will insert rows in the Grid and paste the data with formatting. Upon clicking on “Paste Values,” it will insert rows in the Grid and paste only the values, not the formatting.

Workflow: Show Steps Info

  • Valorx workflow designer now comes with an option to show more information about every step available for that workflow.

  • The “Show Steps Info” option can be turned on/off on demand directly from the UI.

  • On the right side of every activity, show steps info shows –

    • Query Type

    • Display – shows an object, location, and input data name.

    • Macro – what macro is going to run

    • Add/Delete – Add/Delete object name and how rows will be added/deleted.

    • Document – creates a PDF / Excel attachment on Quote

More Enhancements

  • Access control screen to have enhanced user selection screen for adding multiple users.

  • Added buttons with a dropdown of 1-5 where the designer can choose how many buttons to render in the Notification Task. The app designer can manually relabel the button, which is by default “OK”.

  • App designers can choose the input type and where to populate the user input too. The app will prompt the runtime user with an input dialog.

  • Studio Query now allows empty filter values for the picklist.

  • The “Add more fields” button on every screen is more explicit and allows adding related objects’ fields.

  • Valorx Home – On clicking “Download”, now you can directly see a Download Summary.

  • Added support for sort by filed for query task

  • The “Add more fields” window now shows the “Lookup(s)” column that helps the designer to identify the lookup object of the field if the field is of type “Reference (Lookup)”.

  • API Task now supports “Named Ranges” for the “Return Type” parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • Transaction status’ are now populated correctly when the auto filter is “turned on” for the Grid.

  • Save Task now gracefully handles number format other than US format.

  • Workflow condition rules can be saved without the target step.

  • Data row is now rendering the same as the height of a magic row.

  • The app cloning screen is closing after successfully cloning the app.

  • Map numbers not repeating multiple times on saving.

  • Grid Map Border is rendering when the “Apply Field Formats in Design Studio” setting is on.

  • Search is now working in Valorx App Store

  • The grid Map window always opens on the primary monitor even though excel is on a secondary monitor.

  • User selection query’s global search now handles field level security if user does not have permission on one of the display fields.

Known Issues

  • Document Task with dynamic file name does not work when using Cell Reference option.

Product Collaterals

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  2. Valorx Managed Package: AppExchange

  3. Valorx App Store: Checkout the productivity Apps

  4. Valorx for Sheets add-on: GSuite Marketplace

  5. Valorx for Mac: Microsoft AppSource

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