Aug 21 Release (V12)

Includes Valorx Clients (Windows, Mac and Sheets)

Announcing Valorx Fusion – Aug 21 Release (V12)

Valorx is back with another updated and enhanced version of Valorx Fusion and this is our second release of 2021.

Valorx Fusion V12 is a feature packed-release with a host of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release is another major release where we include many latest additions like Worksheet Protection, Contextual and Fast Delete for Add/Delete Task, Save Conditions for Maps, Valorx Icon Store, App Permissions, Fast Save and many more enhancements.

New Features in this release

Valorx is very excited to be back with new features in this release for Fusion V12. In this release, we have added new features to our Task, Workflow, and Maps to make it easy for all.

Worksheet Protection based on Field Metadata

Fusion V12 has brought Worksheet Protection based on Field Metadata through which user can protect the worksheet at Map level, and user can also identify their access level.

  • In Design Studio, select Maps, hover over Display Options, select Security.

  • Edit Map which needs to be protected, and check in "Secure worksheet based on field metadata".

  • Provide the Password, and if the sheet needs to be protected in Runtime or Design + Runtime.

  • User can also select the protection features available under "Allow all users of the worksheet to".

  • Users can change or select the color for the Read Only or No Access to make it easy to identify the access level.

  • Click OK.

App Level Security Settings

Previously, Excel had the option to save the worksheet or the cells depending on the requirement. Now Fusion V12 has enhanced this feature for the users. With this new release, worksheet can be protected in both Runtime and Design mode in Maps at App level.

  • Go to Settings, select App level Security.

  • User can see all the available maps on worksheet both in Runtime and Design + Runtime.

  • User will have an option to delete the Map or make any changes to protection features.

In case of any map is deleted on worksheet protection then, the changes will reflect on field metadata.

Fast Save and Fast Delete

Fusion V12 has brought fast save and fast delete for users which will increase the speed of save and delete by more than five times compared to previous version.

Save Conditions (with Multiple Filters)

Fusion V11 has the option to save conditions with multiple filters however, this new release will help the users to create multiple conditions with multiple filters.

  • In Maps, select Save Options.

  • Select Add Save Condition, and a pop-up will be displayed.

  • Provide a name to the Save Condition under "Name", and click on Add Condition Filter.

  • Once the condition is provided click Ok.

Apply Delete Operations for selected record(s) only

A new checkbox in Add/Delete Task has been added for Delete Task Properties, and this will allow the user to delete the record based on the user selection grid in runtime.

  • Select Delete type under Add/Delete Task.

  • Check-in the checkbox "Apply delete operations for selected record(s) only", and click Save.

This mode will be turned off by default.

Valorx Icon Store

With Fusion V12 we have brought more icons for the user. Valorx Icon Store will help the users to select store icons of their choice for Runtime Ribbon buttons.

Inclusion of Save Summary in the Notification task

Previously, Notification and Save Summary windows show up independently within the workflow. From this release onwards, Notification tasks can be configured to display Save Summary information collected up until that point in workflow execution.

Include Save Summary option will help in merging the Save Summary and Notifications in runtime, and a pop-up will open once the task is complete, with all the details of save, success or failed records.

  • Create a Workflow with Save and Notification tasks.

  • Provide a Message Type i.e., the message user wants to see when the pop-up displays.

  • Select Include Save Summary, and click Save.

Users can have a Preview of the message by clicking the Preview button.

Feasible Display Options

Previously, users has to click on Display Options to view all the available options and features. Display Options have been enhanced to access it easily.

This release will allow the user to hover over the Display Options and all the features, selections will be displayed.

App Permissions

App Permissions is a new feature added under User Information in the Valorx Control Panel Ribbon. This will allow the user to verify the accessibility of the required objects and fields (Read, Create, Update and Filter).

Workflow Rule based Condition for Save Results

Fusion V11 has four workflow rule based conditions for save results, and we have enhanced and introduced two new conditions.

  1. Save Skipped for all Records : This condition will be honored when all savable records are skipped.

  2. At least One Record was Skipped : This condition will be honored when at least one record is skipped from all savable records.


  • Start Screen will now show the Username and Mode on the right bottom of the screen.

  • Design Studio will now ask for confirmation before closing the Valorx Fusion App.

  • In Design Studio App Settings select "show dialog for unsaved changes when closing Runtime file" to receive a confirmation when closing the Valorx Fusion App in Runtime.

  • User License and Permissions have been enhanced and Valorx User Access dropdown has been turned into radio buttons.

  • Fusion Service Logs and Valorx Home Logs are now merged and all the logs will now show under Valorx Home Logs.

  • Temporary connection with "one time" org will be displayed when a user launches an app from Salesforce. Example : Connection name will now show up as "Launch for <FirstName>".

  • User Selection and Lookup Viewer screens loading time has been improvised.

  • Numbers displayed on save summary when any task is saved has been fixed to look in a more formatted way.

  • Community URL needs to be validated when adding a new connection to the start screen. Example : If provided URL has a pattern of "*" then provide a valid suggestion.

  • Sandbox Org will now honor app level access controls.

  • ORG ID has been added to display on the Missing Package/ Configuration screen when a new connection is added.

Bug Fixes

  • V12 API task will now show "Value" when a user selects "Constant Value" filter type from drop down.

  • Refresh Grid Map used to remove the data from Grid when the save fails and there is a single record, V12 has now fixed this issue.

  • Valorx Fusion ignores blank values when written to excel however, API Task will write entire values without ignoring any values.

  • User can now provide the name of the document through "Cell Reference" which was not working in V11.

  • Global Search text box used to be delayed when a user searches for keyword, and some of the grid values were not displayed but, now this issue is resolved.

  • Data Validation screen used to be chopped and this issue is now fixed and OK button is added in V12.

  • Users had an issue while updating or downloading the newest fusion version from the oldest this issue is now fixed.

  • Launch from CRM application error message was not user friendly in V11 however, Fusion V12 has now fixed this issue and the error message is now clear.

  • "Add Fields" does not work when the Map layout window is opened from Express mode this issue is now resolved.

  • "Between" operator is now added to save/delete conditions for its respective data types in operator's dropdown values which was missing previously.

  • Delete Row Task - Integrity check is not happening for delete row or delete row task was not working properly now, this issue is fixed.

  • Disabling offline mode will also disable offline capability of the attachment which will be stored as a part of the document task.

  • App names are now consistent when renamed from Valorx Fusion.

  • Save Options Concurrency detection is not working when checked.

Known Issues

  • Launch from CRM fails for users with few locales

  • Start screen will shoot an error while clicking on Profile (In) icon at Access Control and Valorx Admin tabs.

  • Notification task is shooting a validation error as 'Message Location and Input Location can not be same' while configuring User Input for Name Ranged Reference of Notification task.

  • Decision Activity and Refresh Ribbon task which contains the rules " Excel Reference or Name Range Reference" with rule type "Excel Reference or Name Range Reference" and with data type "Date, Datetime and Time" are not evaluating the values correctly for Valorx Fusion, Google Sheets and Mac.

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  4. Valorx for Sheets add-on: GSuite Marketplace

  5. Valorx for Mac: Microsoft AppSource

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