Nov 22 Release (V13)

November 2022 Release

Announcing Valorx Fusion โ€“ Nov 22 Release (V13)

Valorx is back with another updated and enhanced version of Valorx Fusion, and this is our first release of 2022.

Valorx Fusion V13 is a feature-packed release with a host of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to give you all a smooth and easy usage of Valorx Fusion. This release is another major release where we include many latest additions like Mass Modifier, Offline Mode, and many more enhancements made to our Maps, Tasks, Workflow and UX.

New Features in this release

Valorx is very excited to be back with new features in this release for Fusion V13. In this release, we have added new features to our Task, Workflow, and Maps along with a few new features to make it easy for all.

Mass Modifier

Mass Modifier is a new feature introduced in our V13. Mass Modifier helps Designers or users when they have huge or bulk data to modify or when they want to apply changes to the data. Users need to enable this feature under Workflow and UX to find this on Valorx Fusion Runtime Ribbon tab.

Users need to follow the below steps once Mass Modifier is enabled:

  • Open an App in Runtime and click on Mass Modifier.

  • A Mass Modifier window will open which will have the below fields.

  • Select the name of the field from Field Name drop-down menu. It will show the selected field by default.

  • Select Apply On from the drop-down menu.

  1. All Records โ€“ It will apply the changes to all the records

  2. Selection โ€“ It will apply the changes to the records selected

  3. Visible Records - Changes are applied to those records which are currently visible on the excel sheet

  • Select Action from the drop-down menu.

Note: Always provide the Input Value when you select Change to, Suffix, or Prefix as your Action.

  • Click Change to select the Grid of your Apps on that worksheet. It will display all the Maps available for that App.

  • Click Apply to find the changes made.

Run Workflows Offline

Offline Mode for Workflow Ux is one of the important features which we have implemented in V13. Offline mode will help the users to use the app even if they are offline and it will avoid many steps. Users will always have the option to go back Online. Users need to first enable this offline mode from Workflow and UX and Settings.

Follow the below steps to enable the offline mode from Settings.

  • Go to App Settings and select โ€œEnable Offline Modeโ€ and click Ok.

Follow the below steps to enable the offline mode from Workflow and UX.

  • Open an App from Design Studio and click on Workflow and UX from the Valorx Fusion ribbon button.

  • Check in the option for "Run while going Offline".

  • Click Save.

Now, open the App in Runtime mode and save the app in desired location. Users will find two options when they open the saved file.

Connect the app with any one of the two options:

  1. Connect - This will connect you to the app in Design Studio.

  2. Continue Offline โ€“ This will open the Runtime Saved file and Users can make the changes to the App.

Note: Users can go online when they want by clicking on โ€œGo Onlineโ€ this will again connect us to Design Studio.


  • Sign-In experience has been enhanced and we have removed the dependency from Valorx Home.

  • V12 has 20 as the workflow decision threshold count which has been increased to 100 in V13.

  • Faster Runtime experience to launch App.

  • Added an additional column in the "Task List" view to show the name of the Macro.

  • User Selection will now have โ€œEqualโ€ as the default operator when the picklist is marked for display.

  • Salesforce login will now show a proper error message when the login fails due to insufficient OAuth access.

  • Maps will now support multi-level record type picklist dependency.

Bug Fixes

  • โ€œSave as Appโ€ button gets enabled when users switch between the worksheets under Express Mode.

  • Save App breaks and it is not repairable with full Map validation.

  • Single app creates duplicate button groups on Runtime when the app is saved in Express Mode.

  • Login session is not getting refreshed after expiration.

  • Grid Map Auto filter disappears after inserting a row on an empty grid.

  • Valorx Admin and Access Control tabs are throwing an error while clicking on the Profile (In) icon.

  • Grid Map preview is unable to load records while placing the Spacer comments as blank.

  • Grid map fails to save when it's moved horizontally on the same row directly in excel.

  • Start, Settings, Workflow, etc. screens are getting smaller at the normally recommended display resolution and due to this, a horizontal scroll bar appears on some screens.

  • Refresh Ribbon task is not working when a user tries to configure the rule with Date related field using the 'Between' operator.

  • Start and end date values in Filters are getting changed by gaining one more day when a query task is opened.

  • Date field value in Filters is getting blank after opening the existing query task.

  • Exit step is not exiting the workflow however, it goes under the step defined under the "False" button.

  • Users with German or Spanish locale are not able to auto-update due to the regional settings.

  • โ€œClear Allโ€ and โ€œClear Record Idโ€ from Clear Task are not able to clear the grid when the worksheet is protected.

  • Maps screen automatically scrolls down when opened in edit mode.

  • Users can find โ€œDocument task failedโ€ however, there are no logs found when it fails from Salesforce.

  • Icon name is not displaying after selecting the icon from Valorx Icon Store.

  • โ€œNo Records Foundโ€ icon is not disappearing after clicking on the Close or Cross icon at Access Control.

  • An error appears when the user selects the cells and applies Mass Modifier with a visible record using protected sheets.

  • Save task takes longer time than expected when lookups are not found.

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