Feb 24 Release (V15)

đŸ“ĸ Announcing the Fusion V15 Release

We are pleased to announce the latest release from Valorx, which introduces an exciting new feature, critical enhancements, and essential bug fixes, all meticulously crafted to significantly enhance your Salesforce experience.

We invite you to explore our comprehensive release note, providing a thorough overview of the noteworthy additions and improvements incorporated into this update.

➕ What's New?

Add Field Task

The introduction of the Add Field Task aims to enhance the capabilities provided by the Tasks module.

This task enables the users to add a field(s) in the sheet while executing any App in the runtime mode.

Users can access it from the Add Field tab in the Tasks menu. By clicking the 'New Add Field Task' button, the Add Field Task screen appears as shown in the image below:

Users can select the desired configuration for adding a field(s) using the options described as follows:

  1. Selecting the desired map upon which the field is to be added.

  2. Field Type: Fields List or Spacer (blank) Field.

  3. Start Location where the field has to be added.

  4. Map Field Type: Display Only or Display And Save

  5. Value type: Static, Cell Refrence and Named Range

  6. Add Value: Input field values

Once the Add Field Task has been created, users can create a workflow and use it to add field(s) in the runtime mode.

✨ Enhancements

Run Health Check

The Run Health Check feature on the Valorx Home screen has been reinforced with an added functionality.

If the Valorx Fusion Add-In becomes disabled or hidden from the Excel Ribbon, users can click the Run Health Check button to successfully enable the add-in on the Excel Ribbon once again.

Seamless Valorx App Store Experience

To enhance the swiftness and efficiency of the Valorx App Store experience for users, we have eliminated the need for 'signing in' whenever users want to install an app from the App Store.

Now, the users can simply open the Valorx App Store and directly hit the Get button to install any desired Valorx Fusion App.


Valorx Fusion V15 comes up with two important functionality additions in the Settings menu in the Fusion Ribbon.

Provision for the Logged-In User to utilize Launch from CRM without creating a New Connection

Fusion now allows the logged-in user (Admin User) to utilize the Launch from CRM feature, granting direct access to any user's Valorx Fusion App without the need to create a new connection after entering the credentials. This function can be performed via the 'Launch Valorx' button in Salesforce.

To utilize this functionality, users must ensure that the "Launch from CRM with the Logged in User" checkbox is selected in the Settings menu.

Opening a New Excel for every Launch from CRM

Users now have the option to open a new Excel file each time the Launch from CRM function is executed.

This function can be utilized by selecting the "Open new Excel for every Launch from CRM" checkbox in the Settings menu.

Advantage: Utilizing this functionality ensures the enhanced performance of the Fusion Apps while also preventing any potential undesirable impacts on the existing Excel file.


  • Fusion now allows device-enabled Azure AD SSO to connect with Salesforce.

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • The API Task now successfully executes at runtime when the parameter includes a value with any special characters.

  • The issue faced by certain users when using the Rich Text Editor has been resolved.

  • The problem experienced while restoring an App using its backup file has been fixed. The Restore function now operates perfectly.

  • The API Task runs accurately with the Filter Type selected as 'Inbound Integration'.

  • The problem of the Launch from CRM action encountering an error when the user's session had expired has been resolved. Now, the user will be prompted to either log in again (in case the connection was already created earlier) or will be asked to create a new connection.

🔍 Known Issue

Inaccuracy in Record Types between Salesforce and Fusion

We have found that Fusion inaccurately displays the Record Type selected for a particular Profile. Currently, it shows all available Record Types instead of displaying only those selected from Salesforce.

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📧 Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please visit our Valorx Support page. We are fully committed to enhancing and complimenting your CRM experience and look forward to hearing from you!

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