Nov 20 Release (V9)

includes Valorx Clients (Windows)

Announcing Valorx FusionNov 20 Release (V9)

We are pleased to announce the latest release of V9 of Valorx Fusion (Design Studio and Excel Runtime).

This is a major release introducing bunch of cool new features like Backup and Restore Apps to manage apps with more flexibilty. Filtered Configured Lookup to have precise list of records while selecting lookups at runtime with ability to select multiple values. Data Modeling with ability to create multiple basic workflows and now basic workflows can be created using existing maps and queries. Session Variables support added to Query task to have filters based on current user info. Between operator is also supported in Query filters and these Query filter enhancments are supported in rules editor as well. You will also love our new UI of installer.

Access the latest version here: Valorx client

The full list of features, fixes and known issues is available in Release Notes available here.

New in this release

1. Backup and Restore Apps

Users can now take backup of their apps locally and restore them back in any connection.

In start screen user will get buttons to Backup and Restore App(s)

In Backup App(s) screen user will have to select Source first and then he can select multiple Apps for backup. It also remembers the last backup location to keep it consistent.

After successful backup the above screen appears from where user can directly open the location where backup file is saved.

Restore app screen allows user to select one or more Target connection where user can browse and select one or more App backup files to restore multiple apps in multiple targets.

2. Filtered Configured Lookup

This feature provides ability to filter records for Configured Lookup.

User can now add filters similar to Query filters while configuring Lookup options.

In addition to regular filter types, this filter screen has one extra filter type called “Mapped Cell Reference” which takes the value from Mapped Field in selected row while opening Lookup window. User can configure up to 5 Mapped Cell Reference filters.

The new lookup record selection screen allows user to select multiple records. At runtime user can select multiple rows and click Lookup which will show the above Lookup records selection screen. User can enable “Select Multiple Values” and then user can select multiple records which will be inserted in the order of user selection.

3. Session Variables and Between operator

With this release Valorx Fusion supports 5 different Session Variables while creating filters in Query filters and in Rules editor as well.

User can create filters using new Filter Type named “Session Variables” which provides different values like Current User, User Full Name, User Email, Username and Org Id. Session variable “Current User” is only available for reference datatype which has User as lookup object.

Between operator is also supported with relevant data types. User can click the operator to toggle between inclusive and exclusive behavior of the Start and End values.

4. Multiple Basic Workflows

Data Modeling screen can have multiple Basic Workflows and User can switch between multiple workflows to fine tune maps, queries and workflows all form the same place.

User can now select existing queries to create or edit basic workflows.

And guess what, User can now create new Queries and Maps straight from the expanded card of selected object too.

These new set of features makes Data Modeling a one stop shop to create queries, maps and workflows to get started with your app straight from the Data Modeling screen itself.

5. New Installer UI

On top of these all we have changed the UI of our installer which is as cool as our Product.

6. Enhancements

  • App performance improved by introducing a setting called “Apply Field Formats in Design Studio” which is an improved version of Skip Runtime Sync. Go to Settings -> under App section there is a Settings option to enable the given option.

  • Autofit columns improved

  • User can now see External Id if present in Save Options.

  • Default values are set for Query filter operators based on its datatype.

  • Boolean filter is supported in User Selection query window.

  • Ability to cancel search operation of an API task in Design Studio.

  • Named Range reference support added for API parameter values.

  • Ability to re-arrange connections in Start screen.

  • When app is launched from CRM it finds the matching connection and activates the same.

  • Object specific tasks will now show Object name in Task list.

7. Bug Fixes

  • Save Only and Formula fields are handled while creating and editing maps.

  • App can have Fields with reserved names in excel.

  • Clone map honors grid lines in new worksheet.

  • Multi select picklist handled in global search of User selection.

  • Launch from CRM handled when non Valorx add-ins are also installed. API task execution is also handled when app is launched from CRM.

  • Rule based Refresh Ribbon group item handled while editing the task.

  • Large numbers with decimal values are handled while saving records.

  • Custom field is removed from User selection query when removed from Data model sync.

Product Collaterals

Contact us If you have any questions or feedback, please visit our forum or Valorx Support page. We are fully committed to enhancing and complimenting your CRM experience and look forward to hearing from you !

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