Feb 20 Release (V4)

Valorx ExcelUI – Feb 20 Release (V4)

Today, we are pleased to announce the latest release of Valorx ExcelUI Pro (Design Studio and Excel Runtime). This is a major release introducing the Rules Editor, Ribbon visibility tasks, and major performance improvements for both save and rendering of data.

Access the latest version here : Valorx client (this version supports Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow)

We are happy to announce that we are now an official Salesforce ISV partner. Valorx is now available on AppExchange.

We also have Salesforce Checkout enabled, you can start a trial or purchase Valorx directly from the AppExchange listing.

New in this release

  1. Performance gains: We have achieved at 2x improvement in save and 3x in data rendering.

  2. Flexible Ribbon Menu : You can set the initial state in the Ribbon Preview (each menu will have a toggle available to set the behavior) â€ĸ Introducing the Refresh Ribbon task to control the visibility of the ribbon menu

  3. New Rules Editor and 2 new rule types. â€ĸ Rule Editor can be used for both Refresh Ribbon and Decision tasks.

  4. Ability to reorder the Save and Display sequence at runtime. (seen in workflow)

  5. Customize Grid: In Design Studio you can allow for runtime users to be able to customize grids. This can be setup in Display Options under maps. This feature will allow runtime users to add more columns during runtime.

  6. Ability to add Delete condition based on a spacer or calculated column.

  7. Valorx Home (shortcut on Desktop) includes new health monitor and improvements to auto update experience.

  8. Stability and bug fixes

Known issues in this release

  1. Adding a spacer column to worksheets with spaces throws an error. A fix is available in the insider release.

  2. Re-rendering in Express Mode with select datatypes displays a data rendering message. Ignore this message for now

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please visit our forum or Valorx Support page. We are fully committed to enhancing and complimenting your CRM experience and look forward to hearing from you !

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