May 20 Release (v6)

Announcing Valorx ExcelUI โ€“ May 20 Release (V6)

Announcing the release of Valorx for Google Sheets runtime (May, 2020)

We are pleased to announce the latest release V6 of Valorx ExcelUI Pro (Design Studio and Excel Runtime). The biggest announcement on this month is the release of Valorx Fusion โ€“ our Google Sheets runtime. Checkout the Sheets runtime on GSuite Marketplace.

V6 is a major release introducing the New product icons, Clear task, Compact mode for Query and Sheets runtime. See release notes to learn about new features.

New in this release

  1. Multiselect Picklists is supported now. When multiselect picklist field is available in an App, there will be a new button available in Toolbox Ribbon group named โ€œMultiselect Picklistโ€ which will allow users to select multiple picklist values.

  2. Autofit Rows and Row Height for grid maps: User can now enable Autofit Rows which will adjust the row height once data is displayed. One can also chose to set an exact Row height for the data rows. Both features are available under Display Options.

  3. Enhanced Sorting based on Related and Spacer fields: We already supported 10 levels of data sorting for grid maps. We now allow users to select related object fields as well as spacer (blank) columns. Spacer fields can contain formulaโ€™s based on the rendered data and ability to sort by spacer fields provides much greater control to control data sorts.

  4. Clear Task: Introducing clear task to be able to clear maps as a part of workflow execution. Clear task offers two modes โ€˜Clear Allโ€™ and โ€˜Clear Record IDโ€™. Clear Record ID allows users to use the data within grids to be disassociated with the records it is retrieved from. This data can now be pushed back to Salesforce to insert new records and can be helpful in record cloning as well as data migration use cases.

  1. Query Task - User Selection (Compact) mode and Related Fields: Query tasks now support User Selection (Compact) mode which allows the multiple selection filters to be selected as User Selection (Full), however end users do not need to pick records from the results pane. All matching records based on the filters will be selected in this mode. User Selection Full and Compact modes also get support of using related (lookup object) fields to filtering in the runtime user selection UI.

  1. Remember Filters: User selection screen now includes a checkbox to remember userโ€™s last selected filter. Valorx client will remember the filters per unique user selection query task and each user can chose to remember filter per selection screen in case of multiple apps and user selection UI.

  2. Edit and Rearrange Favorite Apps: Edit Favorites UI is added as a menu option in the Favorites dropdown. User can re-arrange, provide a custom name, and delete their Favorite Apps from the Edit Favorites UI. We also increased the max limit of favorite Apps from 10 to 15.

  3. Named Range support: Users can now use Named Range in โ€œAddโ€ mode of Add/Delete task, Notification task within workflow and Rules editor for Decision workflow task. This brings ability to reference named range reference at parity with cell reference support across the product.

  4. New Product Icons: We are introducing new product icons for Design Studio ribbon, tasks as well as user assigned ribbon menus.

  1. Adding Run App in Save App UI for designer to run their app right after a successful save.

  2. Runtime Usability Feature: We are adding an ability to open another copy of an already opened runtime app. We will come up with a unique name to open another copy and save some time for the user, not having to go back and close the runtime spreadsheet.

  1. Valorx Home (shortcut on Desktop) UI and performance improvements.

  2. Stability and bug fixes

Google Sheets Runtime: Supported Features

We are announcing the release and general availability of our Google Sheets runtime โ€“ Valorx Fusion. Our Windows runtime and Cloud runtime โ€œWindโ€ are now joined by our 3rd runtime for Google Sheets. We have single design studio and Apps are designed with the use case and functionality in mind and no runtime specific configuration is required. We will be adding more features in our Google Sheets runtime over the upcoming releases. Below list provides the features supported in Google Sheets runtime with this release.

  • Workflows with connected queries is supported. We support unlimited connected queries like other runtimes.

  • Cell Reference and Name Range reference queries are supported.

  • Display task with all the display options is supported on Google Sheets. Works for both Form and Grid maps.

  • Save task is fully supported.

  • Toolbox with Insert, Clear, Delete and Lookup functions is supported. In Google Sheets, the toolbox is shown on the Sidebar.

  • In Design Studio, searching for fields in objects with over 400 fields is slow.

  • In runtime, if user selection results in more than 500 records, select all matching records in CRM checkbox is returning only first 500 records. While this issue is fixed in a future release, you can use the User Selection (compact) mode to select all matching records in Salesforce.

The full list of features, fixes and known issues is available in Release Notes available here.

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