Jul 20 Release (V7)

Announcing Valorx ExcelUI โ€“ Jul 20 Release (V7)

We are pleased to announce the latest release V7 of Valorx ExcelUI Pro (Design Studio and Excel Runtime).

This is a major release introducing some new features in Save Task and other improvements.

Access the latest version here : Valorx client (this version supports Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow)

New in this release

  1. Save Task is now able to insert record from Form Map when App is opened for the first time and it also supports userโ€™s local format for displaying all data types.

Performance Improvements and Bug fixes

  1. Clear Task preserves save only field values for Form Maps only.

  2. In Design Studio, searching time for fields in objects with over 400 fields is improved.

  3. In runtime, now you can use the User Selection (compact) mode to select all matching records in Salesforce.

  4. In runtime, user can check โ€œSelect all in CRMโ€ for large number of records with smooth workflow messaging until next operation.

  5. In Design Studio, while creating Filters, user will have value selection screen for Id Field to select record IDs in case of โ€œInโ€ and โ€œNot Inโ€ operators.

  6. Launch From CRM works as expected in case of existence of Excel-Addin other than Valorx ExcelUI.

  7. App store submission can now display large images properly.

  8. Display format is now at parity with data type โ€œTextโ€ for โ€œText Areaโ€.

  9. Delete Task now matches condition for empty rows as well before deletion.

The full list of features, fixes and known issues is available in Release Notes available here.

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