Google Sheets Collaboration

Google Sheet users who want to share runtime files with other users and use runtime files can do so without any difficulty. However, there are a few technical considerations to keep in mind when collaborating on shared runtime files.

When a runtime file is shared with other users in Google Sheets, it allows them to access the same file and make necessary changes. However, it's important to note that when single or multiple users collaborate on a shared file, users may notice latency in rendering the Form Map compared to the original file that was initially shared.

This latency in rendering the Form Map during collaboration is due to the APIs used to run the shared file.

The file owner typically uses "batchupdate" and "batchclear" methods, while the shared file utilizes "setValue(value)" method.

Follow the below simple steps to share a file with other users.

  • Open the runtime file in Google Sheets.

  • Select File and click Share button and select "Share with Others".

  • Provide the email address of the user to whom it needs to be shared under "Add people or groups".

  • Click Done.

  • Once the file is shared it will be saved in Google Drive of the user receiving the file.

Here, are a few messages which Users may encounter when there is no active connection or when they are connected to a different org, and when a fresh copy of the runtime file needs to be opened.

  • When a file is shared, and the User does not have the Active Connection (comparing the owner of the file and the currently logged-in user) a message will be shown to connect to that org to access the App Menu.

  • Users will receive a message to connect to that org to access app menus when the active connection is different from the org.

  • In case you're trying to open a saved runtime file in Google Drive, and you're not the owner of the file, a warning message may pop up asking you to open a fresh copy of the runtime file. This is because the owner of the file might have made changes to the runtime file after it was last saved, and opening a fresh copy ensures that the user is accessing the most up-to-date version of the runtime file.

To ensure smooth collaboration and usage of runtime files in Google Sheets, it's important for users to be aware of these considerations.

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