Hot Upgrade

Hot Upgrade

Hot Upgrade is a feature that allows the Google Sheets runtime users to upgrade their grid maps without opening a new runtime file. Runtime Users can view all the changes made to the App without opening a new runtime file.

  • Open an Excel in Design Studio and click Settings from Valorx Fusion Ribbon.

  • Select Settings from "App".

  • Turn on "Enable Hot Upgrade" under App Performance.

  • Click Ok.

Open an existing file from Google Drive or hard refresh the file which is open already.

The App Menu will open directly when there are no changes made to the App. Runtime users will receive an App Modified message when there are any changes made in the App and users need to click on โ€œYesโ€ which will regenerate the newer grid map. Grids will require to be cleared before the new map is loaded.

Following are the Design Studio scenarios where Hot upgrade will update the Maps:

  • User has added/removed/updated/moved fields, changed display options, and save options to the grid map using Fusion Grid Map screen.

  • User has added/removed/updated/moved fields directly in Excel and has performed โ€œFull Map Validationโ€.

  • Filters and conditions are based on named ranges.

  • New Grid Map is added to the existing mapped sheets.

  • Changes in picklist values except Record Types (as they are not supported in Sheets).

  • Replacing or changing the existing spacers in Grid Map will work however label of spacers will not match the label set in the app.

Additional Considerations for Hot Upgrade:

  • Formulas, formats, and data validations added directly on Excel by the Design studio user within the map range would be lost.

  • Filters and conditions based on cell references may not work.

  • Deleted grid maps wouldn't be removed by the hot upgrade flow.

  • If the Form map has some offline data, then it wouldn't be considered for save. User needs to run the workflow again to save data.

  • Hiding or unhiding columns of the Map will not work.

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