Version 2.0

Spring 2023 Release - Upcoming Release

Announcing Valorx Fusion – V2.0 Spring Release - Upcoming Release

Valorx is back with a Spring Release with new features and enhancements for our Managed Package. This release is a minor release where we include recommendations from Salesforce in our package which serves our Windows and Mac users.

In this upcoming release, our updated Launch from CRM for Windows and Mac users is based on Salesforce Policy changes.

Launch from CRM updates for Windows Users:

  • Users who have already established and saved a connection in Valorx Fusion with the Salesforce Org will have the exact same experience as V1.9 and lower.

  • Launch from CRM will now request the user to validate the connection to the Salesforce Org via the Valorx Connected App if they are coming for the first time.

Launch from CRM Considerations:

  • To comply with Salesforce Policy changes, our Managed Package V2.0 (upcoming release) for Launch from CRM feature is compatible with Fusion Version V13.9. If you intend to upgrade the Managed Package version to V2.0, please contact Support and upgrade your Fusion Client to V13.9.

Launch from CRM updates for Mac Users:

  • Launch from CRM will download the macro enabled Excel file as we have in V1.9 and lower.

  • User will be asked for a confirmation to allow access via the Connected App before downloading the Excel file.

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