Jul 23 Release (V14)

Announcing Valorx Fusion โ€“ July 23 Release (V14)

Valorx is thrilled to announce our latest release, packed with exciting features and enhancements that will take your experience to new heights. This release represents our ongoing commitment to delivering a cutting-edge product and addressing the evolving needs of our users.

In this release, we have focused on enhancing various aspects, from performance improvements to user interface enhancements, to bring you a seamless and efficient user experience.

This release note serves as your comprehensive guide to all the remarkable additions and refinements we have made. It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the features and enhancements.

New Features in this release

We are thrilled to announce the return of Valorx with an exciting new release for Fusion V14! In this highly anticipated update, we have incorporated a range of fresh features designed to enhance your experience across various areas, including Task, Workflow, and Maps. Our goal is to make your usage of our product even more seamless and efficient. With these new additions, we are confident that navigating through tasks, and workflows, and utilizing maps will become more user-friendly for all. Join us as we explore the details of these exciting new features and discover how they can simplify your daily operations and propel your productivity to new heights.

Rich Text Editor: Introducing the Rich Text Editor, a powerful new feature in Fusion V14. Users now have the ability to edit the "Text Area" using the dedicated Valorx editor. Access the Rich Text Editor conveniently through the Toolbox buttons located under the Valorx Runtime ribbon. For instructions on how to enable and access the Rich Text Editor feature, as well as to learn more details about its functionality, please refer to the Rich Text Editor documentation.

Data Import Task: Enhancing our Task module, the Data Import feature allows users to seamlessly import data from external sources directly into the app. Import data in CSV or Excel formats, facilitating tasks such as data migration or updating existing records. To learn how to import data, access the imported data, and explore further details about the data import functionality, please refer to the Data Import documentation for step-by-step instructions.

Flyout Menu: Introducing the Flyout Menu, an innovative addition to our Workflow and UX. This feature optimizes the organization of buttons by merging related buttons under a single menu, saving screen space and providing easy access to a wide range of functionalities. For detailed instructions on creating buttons and to delve deeper into the Flyout Menu functionality, please refer to the Flyout Menu documentation. It provides step-by-step guidance to help you understand and utilize the features effectively.

Performance Enhancements

V14 brings significant enhancements to runtime performance, app opening, runtime sync, and map rendering speeds that are up to 20 times faster than the previous version. These improvements aim to provide a faster, more efficient, and smoother experience for our users. As a result, users can expect faster execution speeds and improved resource utilization.

  • App Opening: We have streamlined the app opening process to reduce load times and improve user accessibility. Users will experience a significantly improved app opening experience, allowing them to dive into the application with minimal waiting time.

  • Runtime Sync: Runtime improvements refers to the process of enhancing the performance, efficiency, and speed of the app during its execution or runtime.

  • Map Rendering: Map rendering has undergone significant improvements, resulting in faster and more visually appealing map displays.


Macro Task: The Macro Task aims to enhance the performance of Macro execution by providing options to switch Excel events, screen update, and calculation mode for a specific Macro. This functionality is only available for Windows Macro.

By turning off each option, users can optimize the execution of their Macro and improve overall performance.

  1. Excel Events: Disabling Excel events prevents any event triggers from being activated while the Macro is running. This can be useful when events, such as worksheet change or workbook open, are not necessary for the Macro execution. By disabling events, unnecessary processes are bypassed, resulting in faster execution.

  2. Screen Update: Turning off screen updating prevents any visual updates on the Excel interface while the Macro is running. This eliminates the need to redraw the screen after each action, leading to a faster execution. Disabling screen updating can significantly improve the overall user experience during the Macro execution, especially for lengthier processes.

  3. Calculation Mode: Changing the calculation mode allows users to switch between different calculation settings for their Macro. By setting the calculation mode to manual, Excel suspends automatic calculations, improving performance by reducing the number of recalculations during the Macro execution. This is particularly helpful when working with large datasets or complex calculations that may slow down the Macro.

App Settings: We have recently added a special Design Studio feature to our app, allowing users to downgrade Salesforce API versions. Salesforce often introduces new API releases that can lead to the deprecation or lack of support for certain fields on standard objects. This, in turn, may cause disruptions in Fusion queries. With the introduction of this app-specific setting, users now have the freedom to choose and maintain a specific API version, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience. Grid Map (Rich Text Editor): Grid Map has been enhanced where there are multiple Rich Text Fields present in the map, located in different columns, selecting a non-rich text field the system will automatically position the Rich Text Editor to the next available rich text field located to the immediate right of the selected non-rich text field.

Form Map (Rich Text Editor): A new enhancement has been made to our Form Map which addresses the inclusion of a proper cell reference of a rich text editor dropdown. This enhancement allows them to select a specific cell reference from the available options in the dropdown menu. The rich text editor dropdown for form mapping becomes more user-friendly, enabling users to effectively incorporate cell references into their form configurations.

App Settings: Saving an app will increase the version of the app. To verify the incremented app version, users can navigate to the "Information" under App Settings screen.

Query Task: A new enhancement has been made to our Query Task which allows the setting of the Max Record Limit from a cell reference. Design Studio users now have the flexibility to choose the source for determining the maximum record limit for both new and existing query tasks.

This enhancement provides two options for setting the Max Record Limit:

  1. Static Count: This option allows users to manually enter a fixed value as the Max Record Limit. The value remains constant and does not change during runtime.

  2. Cell Reference: By selecting this option, users can specify a particular cell reference from which the Max Record Limit value will be derived at runtime. The Max Record Limit will be dynamically set using the value of the specified cell reference during execution.

Save Summary: The "Save Summary" feature includes an enhancement to club save summary error messages. Any error messages encountered during the saving process are consolidated or grouped together. Instead of displaying individual error messages separately, this enhancement combines them into a concise and comprehensive summary. By consolidating the error messages, users can quickly identify and understand the issues that prevented successful saving.

Start Screen: The "Start Screen" feature includes an enhancement that offers users the option to log in after their session expires in Launch for the CRM user. Currently, when the one-time connection of Launch for the CRM users expires, there is no direct way to reactivate it through the start screen. This enhancement addresses this limitation by providing users with the ability to log in to the expired Org. With this enhancement, when a user's session expires, they will be presented with a login option on the start screen. By selecting this option, they can initiate the login process and regain access to the expired Org.

Save Task: The save task functionality is enhanced to consider the lookup filters configured on the map. By incorporating lookup filters into the save task process, users are guided toward selecting appropriate values based on the defined filters.

Dynamics: Dynamics has recently received several enhancements to features such as saving tasks, managing picklist values, refreshing maps, setting maximum records for tasks, applying filters, and improving the user selection screen. These updates have been implemented to boost user productivity, enhance data management capabilities, and create a more user-friendly environment within the Dynamics platform.

Bug Fixes:

  • "Clear All" and "Insert Row" buttons are not behaving as expected in offline mode. According to the workflow configuration, these buttons should be hidden, but they remain visible even when the application is offline. Implemented a fix ensuring that the "Clear All" and "Insert Row" buttons are properly hidden in offline mode according to the workflow configuration.

  • Encountered an issue when users perform a search and choose the option to "Select the matching records in CRM" at the User Selection screen. This issue causes difficulties in fetching the corresponding records on the grid. This issue has been resolved, users will now be able to search for records and successfully retrieve the corresponding results on the grid.

  • Users can now save records without encountering any failures or disruptions. Previously, when attempting to save records, users experienced difficulties and encountered errors caused by issues within the Salesforce library. These errors disrupted the saving process and hindered users from successfully saving their records.

  • Identified an issue where the workflow and UX validation associated with cloned buttons were not functioning properly. Provided a fix now, when buttons are cloned, the workflow and UX validation are correctly applied to the cloned buttons. This ensures that the intended validation rules and workflow are replicated accurately, providing a consistent and reliable user experience.

  • If a static value is set in a particular cell and an attempt is made to insert a row, the cell reference does not update accordingly. This leads to incorrect cell references and potential data inconsistencies. To address this issue, we have implemented a solution that aligns with the expected result. Now, when attempting to insert a row after setting a static value, the system checks if there is a value in the Cell Reference.

  • System constraint that restricts the assignment of more than 200 users to access controls, resulting in a failure. To overcome this limitation and ensure smooth user management, we came up with a solution that will allow for the successful assignment of a larger number of users to access controls without encountering any failures.

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Known Issue

  • Navigate to the start screen and re-connect with the same Salesforce org that you are trying to launch the app with using LFS. You can use the existing connection visible in the list of connections and then launch LFS again from Salesforce.

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